Meet Our Team

Shehaana Khan


Shehaana started working for the children's dental clinic for the DHB and completed her dental assistant programme in 2018.

Shehaana enjoys meeting and interacting with people. She likes working at Lumino because of the great work environment and the people she has met so far. She also enjoys the focus on work/life balance which is something she believes everyone should strive for. 

Outside of the practice Shehaana enjoys eating out at restaurants, shopping and spending time with her family and her dog.

In my spare time, she also loves to travel and managed to squeeze in one last holiday to Australia and Fiji for Christmas before the world started to close in 2020. Shehaana enjoys venturing out west and north of Auckland to find new walks and Hikes to do as well. 

Her favourite place to be is at the beach. Summer is her favourite season and she loves spending her whole day at the beach.